Welcome to ThingsForTheBeach.com

Things for the Beach is working hard to provide a one stop shop for everything you need for a relaxing, fun day at the beach. Being 5th generation beach lovers, we know what works and what doesn’t when kicking back in the sand. We carry the very best selection of Beach Chairs, Beach Umbrellas, Beach Towels, Beach Carts, Beach Games and Toys and more. Our merchandise is from the top rated manufacturers and is ready to be shipped. You will find Things for the Beach to be your go to beach store with a convenient, secure and friendly shopping experience. If you have a question or there is something we could help you find, feel free to contact us at info@thingsforthebeach.com


We have beach chairs to fit all of your individual needs. When shopping for your beach chair we recommend you think about how you will travel with your chair, what kind of walk to the beach you have and how you like to relax at the beach. We have a variety of shapes and sizes, folding chairs and backpack chairs. We also carry canopy beach chairs, chairs with cup holders and padded beach chairs. We want your time at the beach to be relaxing and enjoyable so be sure to think about the extras with your beach chair to make your vacation everything you want it to be.


Another important purchase for your beach vacation is your beach umbrella. When purchasing your beach umbrella, you’ll want to think about how much shade you would like. Do you have a family of two or a family of five? If you have a small area to shade, say for a family of two, a six to seven foot umbrella would work perfectly. If looking to accommodate two or more, we recommend looking at beach umbrellas that are seven to thirteen feet. There are many different types of umbrellas, including patio umbrellas, commercial umbrellas, beach umbrellas and clamp-on umbrellas. Remember when purchasing your umbrella to also find the correct base to secure your umbrella from blowing away – We have all seen that!


When purchasing your beach cart, remember to think about how much you will be taking to the beach ( cooler, towels, beach toys, etc. ) and what terrain you will be pushing your beach cart through. A bigger wheel will always help make the job easier when going a long distance in the sand!


Do you want to block the wind or have a place to retreat to away from the sand? Beach shelters will give you protection from the sand and wind while still allowing you to enjoy the sun and views of the ocean. A beach tent can be a retreat for sleeping babies, a place to keep your items sand-free, or a place to take a break from the sun. When purchasing either a tent or shelter take into consideration the time it takes to set-up, durability and how many people will be taking advantage of it.